Old Age Pension: Stagnant Amounts and Gender Differential

Some states have recently announced an increase in entitlements under the old-age pension scheme. For instance, Andhra Pradesh increased the old age pension amount by about Rs 250 to Rs 2500 per month at the beginning of 2022. More recently, the Uttar Pradesh government has announced an increase in the old-age pension amount, taking it to Rs 2,000 per month.
As Haryana goes to polls later this year, there are already election promises being made, one of them being to increase the old-age pension to Rs 6,000 per month in the state.
However, despite recent increases by a few states, the entitlements under the old-age pension scheme remain abysmally low. While the entitlement amount under the central government scheme has remained almost stagnant since 2007, the contribution by state governments has either remained low or non-existent. There exist several inadequacies in the provision of old-age pension both at the level of Centre and states.

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