Saharanpur Video: ‘No Medical Aid, Beehive in Jail Toilet’. Horror Tales by Victims’ Families on ‘Police Brutality’

Saharanpur/New Delhi: Mohammad Imran, 22, had got engaged on May 10. He was preparing to go back to work in Kerala to return again the next year for his marriage. Little did he know that he would land in jail for an alleged crime that his family claims he was not even remotely associated with.
Imran was picked by the Uttar Pradesh police on May 10 allegedly from Saharanpur’s Kishanpura locality where he had gone along with his three friends to enquire about Delhi-bound buses. He had to board a train from the national capital for the South Indian state on May 11.
He didn’t turn up till the next morning. His distraught family was clueless about his whereabouts when his younger brother was informed by someone that Imran was in the police custody for allegedly taking part in the June 10 protest against the offensive remarks on Prophet Mohammad made by now suspended and expelled Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal.

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